What is the specialty of MiG-21 Bison and Mirage-2000?

MiG-21 Bison is the most advanced fighter aircraft of the MiG-21 series equipped with modern weapons. It is used as an interceptor. Interceptor fighters are designed to attack enemy planes, especially bombers and reconnaissance aircraft. For the first time, the IAF included MiG-21 aircraft in its fleet in 1960. Since the Kargil war, the IAF […]

What is the reason behind rich are getting rich day by day?

Money pulls money. These proverbs have been listening to us all these years. By referring to this proverb, we see all the rich being rich. It is heard that the gap between the rich and the poor is increasing. But have you ever thought that why are you getting rich and rich? In fact, they […]

Mansa Musa I: The Muslim who was ‘the richest man in history’

Whenever there is debate in the history of the world, there is definitely talk of rich people. How much money does the Ambani family have? Which Tata and Birla trains are coming from somewhere? In what ways do the Arabs of Sheikh Sheikh give money? Where do the Ayasashian do? Bill Gates defeats whom to […]

Do You know how rich people are really rich?

‘If the poor people know how rich the rich are, then there will be riots on the roads.’ American actor and comedian Chris Rock said this in an interview given to the New York magazine in 2014. Chris was talking about an increasing gap between the rich and the poor. By saying this, they highlight […]

How much do you know about New Zealand?

India vs New Zealand In the world of cricket, when it comes to the match, then remember the temperate Test match and the one-dayer commencement of the tea season. But if you remove cricket, what do you know about New Zealand? Maybe too little. Is not it? Even if that is the case, there is […]

The city that is in love with strangers

There are few selected cities in the world, which are called Eternal City. Our city of Kashi or Banaras is such a city. Similarly, Rome and Athens cities of Europe also get Eternal City status. Sanatan City is the city which has been inhabited for thousands of years. In Greece or Greece, Greece, there is […]

What people take in lunch in different cities of the world?

To understand any culture in the world, see how the people of the city do lunch, when they do, where they do and what the lunches do. We also knows the people living in some cities of the world how they do lunch and what they do. Let’s face you with this interesting experience. Mukul […]

Which country does the most work in the office?

Often you hear people complain that ‘The work is too much’ ‘Have to wait long in the office’ ‘Man, time to go to my office is a fix, but not to return’. From these things, it seems that the office’s time is endless. The work does not take much name to finish. This is because […]

What’s more important for job abroad than language?

English is the international language. These words work together to bring the whole world together. For those who want to work overseas, it is very important for them to learn English. Multinational companies have played the most important role in promoting English. Even in countries where English is not spoken, people are also learning it. […]

Cities That can Change Your whole Life

There was a time that people used to go to New York or London to read and work. Other European and American cities were also used to make career choices abroad. But now the time is changing. In today’s date, there are large-scale jobs and progress opportunities in China and South East Asian countries. People […]

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