Andre Wayda: ‘The last man of great cinema’

The effect of the novelty section of cinema was on Indian filmmakers like Ritwik Ghatak, Guru Dutt and Mrinal Sen. Poland’s great filmmaker AndrĂ©i Fayadah was the key filmmaker of this stream. So knowing about them and understanding their cinema is important for Indian society. At the age of ninety years, Audrey Foya’s death reminds […]

Why old movies were cabaret dance?

“Ladies and Gentlemen, the program that you were waiting for now starts now, sit down and relax, profession is famous Hindustan’s famous cabaret dancer. After this introduction, the film comes in Helen’s cabaret which is still the life of dance parties – ‘Piya tu … now it is aaaa’. Richa Cabre is playing a dancer […]

The story of Lady Chatterleys who makes people mad

Many young people have read the story of Lady Chatterley in college days. In the novel ‘Lady Chatterless Lover’, in a novel detailing the musical talent of a woman from the landowner’s family, DL Lawrence spoke extensively. Lady Chatterley’s sexuality had become a lot of youthful junkies. They thought that what this story of Laurence’s […]

SACRED GAMES: Demons of religion deserve Welfare or destruction?

Atapi and Watapi were two demons. Atepi used to call any passer-by to his house with great love, ‘You come in my house. Maybe you are hungry. I will eat delicious food. ‘ The passers-by would be happy and in such a way, instead of using their elusive, demonic powers, they took the shape of […]

Is film “Why Cheat India” is not the story of Ranjit Don of Bihar?

Why Cheat India , starring Emraan Hashmi, has come in cinemas. The film starts with this dialogue “Today is the only dream of every person in the country, the place of the engineering or medical institute. They dream about their parents and their children.” The essence of the film’s story is something … A student […]

Why are people fond of crime drama TV serials?

Crime is crime, and its punishment is also fixed. Yet the person does the crime. Many times, after the crime, the person gets himself swiftly and clears the crime.But he suffers with so much scrutiny that he does not have enough till his mark. Agents who control the crime and arrest the culprit also remain […]