Toxic liquor killing many plantation workers: Reports

The Tea Tribal Welfare Department of Assam Government organized a cultural program called ‘Kacha Sona’ on Friday last Friday. The government’s ruling BJP government, which had installed posters in the cities, had written the matter of protecting the art and culture of tribals working in tea gardens settled in Assam for years. Unfortunately this event […]

How Comedy Shows pattern is changing in India

As a stand-up comedian, Kanan has worked as a software engineer for Excerter Group for three years before starting his career. Along with his work, he continued to participate in many comedy shows and open mic, after some time he left his job and decided to pursue a career in the stand-up comedy. Canon gained […]

Do you know ‘Pad Woman’ Maya?

“I have never used sanitary pads till the age of 26. Neither did I have any money nor information for it, so many of the problems related to health had to be faced.” This is the case of Maya Vishwakarma, who lives in the city of California, USA. Maya is Indian, and in the early […]

Why do we forget some things, while some always remember?

Our memory often cheats us. Psychologists know this thing from time to time. But, common people often count down the fear of memory. We tell you six reasons why we can not accurately assess the strange behavior of our memory. 1. It is impossible to save the memories of the early days of life … […]

The story of an Indian girl who won Oscar

A documentary made on women making sanitary pads in an Indian village got an Oscar award. ‘Period: End of Sentence’ has won the award in the Best Documentary Short Subject category. Correspondent Geeta Pandey had met those women in her village before the Oscars Festival. The affection was of 15 years, when they first faced […]

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