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There was a time that people used to go to New York or London to read and work. Other European and American cities were also used to make career choices abroad. But now the time is changing. In today’s date, there are large-scale jobs and progress opportunities in China and South East Asian countries. People in large numbers are working in cities like Shanghai, Singapore, Hong Kong.

Today there are about 8 lakh fifty thousand foreign jobs in China. One third of these people are working in Shanghai. Earlier London and New York used to be the first choice for foreign nationals in terms of careers. But today people are increasingly interested in creating a career in cities like Dubai, Singapore and Shanghai.

Christine Wright, head of Hes Asia, a job company in the UK, says that if you are willing to work in a challenging place, you want to take risks and learn new skills, then there are better opportunities for you in Asian countries. . Because the economies of these countries are moving ahead faster than today.

According to the International Labor Organization and the Asian Development Bank, ten countries in Southeast Asia need some 1.5 crore skilled workers between 2010 and 2025. Most of these jobs will be in the capital of these countries.

For instance, China, which is fast moving, will need skilled people in the service sector, digital economy and technology world. Apart from this, China also needs expertise in cyber security, financial techniques and sector of digital analytics. Most of these jobs will be in cities located in the eastern part of China.

Dubai has been the preferred destination for foreign nationals for many years. Here are all the opportunities to accelerate business and career. Unemployment in Dubai is just 0.19 percent. But due to the slowdown in the oil and gas sector, employment opportunities for people in Dubai are decreasing.

Now the United Arab Emirates is exploring new ways to make progress. Last year, Emirate announced the official Strategy 2030. Under this, the target was to create 27 thousand jobs in civil aviation, engineering and pharmaceutical sector.

Mario Ferraro of International Consultancy Company Mercer says that when the demand for merit is high, it is better to pursue careers. In today’s world there are many deficiencies in the developing world. That is why there are better opportunities to make a career in these countries and see today.

Many countries are running a variety of programs to spur the people of intelligent people. In 2010, China started the campaign under the name Thousand Talents Plan. Under this, opportunities are given to qualified foreigners to work in the University of China and other institutions. Malaysia offers visas to foreign workers working for long periods of time. Similarly, the European country is running the program from 2008 in the name of the Netherlands Expat Center. Under this, foreign nationals working in Amsterdam and surrounding areas are supported.

Two cities are most famous for the work of foreign nationals. These are Hong Kong and Singapore. According to a survey, 68 percent people in Hong Kong are satisfied with their work. This figure is 62 percent in Singapore. Mario Ferraro of Mercer says that having good living and low taxes in these cities is a major reason for the comfort of the people here. However, for the people thinking of making a career in other countries, the current political environment can create challenges.

Today there is a wave of nationalism across the world. All the countries are shutting their doors for the citizens of other countries. Britain, for example, decided to separate from the European Union. After this, there has been a big challenge for citizens of other European countries living in Britain.

In Singapore also the government is asking the companies to give preference to the locals. The people of Singapore have expressed unhappiness over the growing crowd in the city. That is, they do not want people from other countries to come and live in Singapore.

Countries like USA are tightening the rules for immigrants who come here. The overall atmosphere is such that every country is locking its doors for foreign nationals.

On the contrary, there is no problem in working with today’s generation to go to another country. Many young people are learning new skills by working in free and going to other countries. The CRCC company of London has conducted an internship in approximately 6500 youths since 2008. Forty of these were from young America, 35% of UK’s

Edward Holleroid Pearce of CRCC says that when you get a chance to work abroad, you learn new skills as well as learn new languages. The work environment is new. Work-culture is new. In this way you can get a lot to learn. So, by taking advantage of these things, you also find opportunities for yourself in those cities, which can give your career a new flight.

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