How much do you know about New Zealand?

India vs New Zealand In the world of cricket, when it comes to the match, then remember the temperate Test match and the one-dayer commencement of the tea season. But if you remove cricket, what do you know about New Zealand? Maybe too little. Is not it? Even if that is the case, there is no point in hesitation.

Because you only know little about New Zealand, it is not too old to look at history, when the world did not know anything about New Zealand. Indeed, New Zealand is a sovereign country located in the south-western Pacific Ocean. Talking about its geography, there are two large pieces of land called North Island and South Island. And there are about 600 small islands in between.

New Zealand is about 1500 kilometers from Australia, and Tasmania Sea between the two countries. It is about one thousand kilometers away from other islands like New Caledonia, Fiji and Tonga. These countries are so far away that human habitation also came here quite late. According to the official website of New Zealand, the history here is spectacular, with a mix of Maori and European culture.

Māori was the first to reach New Zealand. They had arrived here a few thousand years ago by boarding small boats from Hawaii. Abel Tasman, living in the Netherlands, was the first European to see this country. However, he was the UK who made this country a part of his empire. When Maori came to New Zealand, she named it Ottero, which means ‘Land with a long white cloud.’

According to Maori, the name of the first man to come here was While using the waves of stars and sea as a navigational guide, their Polynesian home arrived from here on the canoe in Kenya. It is believed that this incident is almost a thousand years old. For many hundreds of years after the coup, the second Māori also came in different parts of New Zealand. It is also believed that this was a planned escape from Polynesia because many Vaka Hurua ie people of Maori society traveled from New Zealand to Hawaii.

People from the Maori community were skilled hunters and fishermen. He not only learned the prey of animals, birds and sea creatures, but also became very special in cultivating.An interesting thing is that if you search for Hawaii on the map, you will feel frustrated, but it is believed that Maori came here from some island or island of South Pacific Ocean.

Before the arrival of European people in New Zealand, war was common among the Maori tribes. Maori warriors used to be strong and fearless and they had learned how to prepare many conventional weapons. Even today they can be seen in Maori celebrations. Now after Maori, New Zealand is connected to Europe. The Treaty of Vatangi was signed in the year 1840, which was the basis of the agreement between the British Crown and Māori.

The treaty laid the foundations of British law in New Zealand and it is considered the basic document of New Zealand and is also an important part of the history of this country. At that time, there were approximately 1.2 million Maori and two thousand outsiders in New Zealand, who settled there from Europe. The first seal and whale hunters arrive here, then the missionary and then the businessman.

As the number of European people began to grow in New Zealand, the fear of Maori increased as well as the fact that there was a mess in the deal with them about the land. It became increasingly frightening that if it was not stopped at the time, a country like France could capture New Zealand. At the same time, they wanted to stop the illegal activities of British people. As the British settlement grew, the British government, together with the heads of Maori tribes, formulated a formal document, under which New Zealand was made British colony.

But after the signing of the treaty, there was a lot of controversy, the biggest reason for this is the wrong way. These violent conflicts were named the New Zealand Land War. Vatangi Tribunal was created in year 1975 to quell these disputes. However, there are still differences with it, but still it is very important.

Thousands of news nowadays after New Zealand The population of this country is approximately 44 lakh, which is called kwiz. Of these 69% are of European origin, 14.6% are indigenous Māori, 9.2% Asiatic and 6.9% are non-Maori Pacific Islanders.

Talk about natural beauty, in New Zealand it is in IFTR. The snow-covered glacier, the green fountain, the beautiful plains, the pond-lakes, the blue sky, and the shores of the seas, here you will find everything. Now the matter of animals It is said that there was a lot of noise before the arrival of human beings in New Zealand, due to greenery, all the birds

Interestingly, along with the passage of time the feathers of the birds disappeared, because they were not afraid of animals who hunted them and there was no need to fly. That would have been a time when Kiwi would also fly. When Maori and European New Zealand arrived, they hunted birds and brought rats with them, who started attacking. Because of this, some birds like moa and huya were destroyed.

Talk of sports, New Zealand has always been a strong team in cricket, and defeating it at home is never easy. Former Indian captains who visit there also believe this. But the national game of New Zealand is rugby If you look at a New Zealand rugby match on YouTube, at the beginning Kiwi team’s Maori dance will also be seen, which also gives the impression of the old roots of this new country.

Now mentioning money and business The former British Colony New Zealand is one of the most prosperous countries in the Asia-Pacific region. After 1980, deregulation and privatization were adopted, after which the doors of the economy were open and investment increased.

Apart from agriculture, manufacturing, tourism and geothermal energy resources strengthen New Zealand and since the year 2010 the economy has been growing steadily. In 2017, the per capita income here was 36,560 PPP dollars.

Now the matter of connection between India and New Zealand According to the Indian Foreign Ministry, nearly two lakh Indian and Indian origin people live in New Zealand. Apart from this, thirty thousand students have chosen this country to study. The two-way relationship between India and New Zealand began in the year 1952.

Between 2015 and 2018, the two-way trade between the two countries has been growing, which was $ 1.91 billion in 2018. India sends pharmaceutical medicines, precious metals and jewelery, textiles, motor vehicles to New Zealand and decides mineral fuels, wood pulp, wool and fruits from there.

(image credit: New Zealand’s Information Network)

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