Mansa Musa I: The Muslim who was ‘the richest man in history’

Whenever there is debate in the history of the world, there is definitely talk of rich people. How much money does the Ambani family have? Which Tata and Birla trains are coming from somewhere? In what ways do the Arabs of Sheikh Sheikh give money? Where do the Ayasashian do? Bill Gates defeats whom to become the richest man in the world, etc.

But in the meantime you have forgotten a person whose views of the property will leave your senses. If the amount of money was discussed in this inflation period, the amount of $ 100 million in 1913 would increase to $ 2.299.63 in 2013.

After all who is that person?
We can understand this fact that it is becoming difficult for you to maintain patience now. Know that this man was the first of the King of the Mali Empire, Mansa Musa who ruled here from 1312 to 1337. This person can be called the richest person of all human history. At that time it had property worth $ 400 million.

What is the reason for the wealth of Moses?
Mansa Musa used to trade salt and gold at that time. He considered himself to be a true Muslim and he also built several mosques in the era of his palace. Apart from this he also opened several universities, schools and educational institutions. He also performed a famous pilgrimage of Mecca in which he lent money with open hands.
In this journey 60,000 gold coins were spent. In the Kingdom of Moses, the present period comes from Ghana, Timbuktu and Mali. The introduction of ‘The Richest Man of History’ starts with some of the same words in ‘Money’ magazine. An introduction about Mansa Musa I was also that he was King of Timbuktu. Moussa had ruled over the Sultanate of the Mali when he used to own a very strong repository of mineral products.

This was the time when the demand for gold in the whole world was at its peak. His real name was Moses Kita, but after sitting on the plank, he called Mansa, which means the king. According to repoert recently launched Pidgin language service for West Africa, the Sultanate of Moses was so large that it could not be estimated about its end. Today, Mauritania, Senegal, Gambia, Guinea, Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger, Chad and Nigeria were then used to be part of the Sultanate of Moses. Mansa Musa created many mosques in which many still exist.

There were dozens of names of Moses …
Moses’ empire was so great and fame that he had been honored with many titles and surnames at different places. Emir of Melle, Lord of the Mines of Wangara and Conqueror of Ghanata are important among them. It is said that during his reign, Europe was passing through famine and civil war, while many areas of Africa were moving towards prosperity. In his convoy, there were a total of 80 camels and 300 pounds of gold on every camel. 60,000 people used to attend the convoy and its length would reach 2000 miles.

There is considerable controversy over the death year of Moses, but if historians believed, he had ruled for 25 years. If the description of the historians was considered correct, the eyes of those who watched his convoy would have been left behind, and this convoy was enough to prove him the richest person in the world. It is a difficult task to calculate the wealth of Mansa Musa according to today’s time. Yet there is a conjecture that Mansa had a wealth of US $ 400,000 million. In Indian currency this amount is made upto two and a half million crores.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has declared the world’s richest person this week, who has a wealth of US $ 1.06 million. Mansa Moses had more wealth than Jeff Bezos. If inflation is not added, then Jeff Bezos has the highest amount of money in the history’s living. However, people who question this are also found.

Despite this, even if inflation is taken into account, we compare Moses’s wealth with the recent living or dead rich people, we find that Rothschild Family has $ 3,50,000 million and John De Rockefeller has 3,40,000 Millions of dollars was equal to a million dollars.

The most famous story of Mansa period is his Mecca visit. It’s a matter of 1324. In this journey, Mansa had fixed the gap of six and a half thousand kilometers. The story is that those people who wanted to see Mansa, when they approached their cars, were left wondering.

People saw that 60 thousand people were included in Mansa caravan and 12 thousand of them were only Sultan’s personal attendants. Mansa used to run a horse of 500 people ahead of the horse riding on which the gold stick was in his hands. These 500 messengers of Mansa used to wear a fine silk veneer.

Apart from these, there was also a camel’s 80 camels, which had 136 kg gold. It is said that Mansa Musa was so generous that when he passed the Egyptian capital of Cairo, he donated so much to the poor that the inflation in the area increased substantially in that area.

Because of this journey of Mansa Musa, the story of their wealth reached the ears of the European people. People from Europe just come to see them to see what is being said about their wealth, to what extent it is true.

When the wealth of Mansa Musa was confirmed, then the name of the Mali Sultanate and his emperor were included in the important map at the time of Catalan Atlas. In the 14th century Catalan Atlas there is a description of all those places of the time that the Europeans knew.

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