Andre Wayda: ‘The last man of great cinema’

The effect of the novelty section of cinema was on Indian filmmakers like Ritwik Ghatak, Guru Dutt and Mrinal Sen. Poland’s great filmmaker AndrĂ©i Fayadah was the key filmmaker of this stream. So knowing about them and understanding their cinema is important for Indian society. At the age of ninety years, Audrey Foya’s death reminds […]

Mrinal Sen: The filmmaker who challenges the Bombay cinema

A touch of humanity and innocence makes the hard rock even gentle. The big railway officer of a hard and heartless persona, Bhuvan Shom goes to the rural areas of Gujarat in the Desert-Desert region, where the behavior of a young woman living in nature and her condolences, she again becomes sensitive man Makes it […]

Krishna Sobati: Who told Hindi-speaking society what it is to be a woman

Death is not a matter of mourning at the age of 94. In the context of Krishna Sobti, this is mournful and redundant, whose entire life and literature have been an indomitable torch of life, glee and gossip. In recent years, he was reminding me of his very short novel ‘A girl’, an elderly heroine, […]

Why old movies were cabaret dance?

“Ladies and Gentlemen, the program that you were waiting for now starts now, sit down and relax, profession is famous Hindustan’s famous cabaret dancer. After this introduction, the film comes in Helen’s cabaret which is still the life of dance parties – ‘Piya tu … now it is aaaa’. Richa Cabre is playing a dancer […]

Biopic Movies are Really give more profits?

At the time of Vienna Congress in 1815 in Europe, a jumla was very famous, “If Europe sneezes one country, then Europe suffers.” But I find this ancient idiom often very accurate for our film industry. If a filmmaker sneezes in Bollywood, then the whole film industry suffers. Because we often see that if a […]

After all how Bollywood actree Sridevi dies?

A bad news coming from Dubai surprised everyone by surprise on Saturday night late night when India was asleep. The news was so horrible that it did not believe in it for a long time, and most of the people used to say rumor or pray for rumors. At the age of 54, Sridevi was […]

The story of Lady Chatterleys who makes people mad

Many young people have read the story of Lady Chatterley in college days. In the novel ‘Lady Chatterless Lover’, in a novel detailing the musical talent of a woman from the landowner’s family, DL Lawrence spoke extensively. Lady Chatterley’s sexuality had become a lot of youthful junkies. They thought that what this story of Laurence’s […]

Celeb Weddings of 2018 made the eyes sparks

There were two types of weddings in year 2018. One who stayed in discussions until the marriage anniversary was concluded. The second, which became confused in ordinary ways, and only after sharing the pictures of the wedding, the world came to know that the two people were bound in the formulas. The first kind of […]

Will India-Pakistan war solve Kashmir issue?

The extremist attack on February 14, which killed 40 CRPF personnel in Pulwama, was a heart attack. The pieces of bus left after the explosion and parts of the body lying far away were very terrible. Within a few hours, Pakistan-based Jaish-e-Mohammed took responsibility for the attack and the way this attack was shown on […]

Will humans and elephants live together in Assam?

In Assam, the encroachment of forests by tea growers has blown violent conflicts between elephants and humans. It is to say that the local people and officials of Assam Officials say that small-scale tea is being cultivated on most parts of encroached forests. But local people accused the big tea gardens of charging the BBC […]

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