Stories of Sexual Abuse came in front of Indian Media

It is often difficult for women to prove themselves in any field. Apart from work challenges, he has to face sexual abuse at work place many times. In this case the media world is also not untouched. The dreaded corridor also appears in the depths of the media of the media, the more dazzling it is seen from outside.

On the day the small women’s media houses are found to be involved in secret discussions about any misbehavior with a woman. But this is happening for the first time that these things that are being included in secret discussions are now being kept open and women themselves are exposing these issues. Many women associated with journalism have started writing freely on social media about sexual abuse in the workplace. Many of these women have been or have been part of the country’s renowned media institutions. The men who are being accused are well-known faces of the media and the journalism world. It is being seen as the start of #MeToo Moment in India.

A few days ago, Bollywood actress Tanushree Dutta had accused Bollywood actor Nana Patekar of molestation during the film’s shoot. After this, many other women also began to mention the incidents of sexually assaulting themselves in a serial manner. Women are being exposed with sexual assaults in the workplace. They are referring to those incidents through social media and disclosing the names of the men involved in the abuse.

Many women associated with the media have tweeted on this issue and shared screenshots of men’s sex chat screenshots on social media. The whole series started with the allegations made by a woman on the Comedian festival Chakraborty. The woman tweeted on Thursday and accused the celebration that the festival had told her to send her nude photographs and also sent a picture of her genitalia to him.

After this, many more women started expressing themselves over their growing social media. Women journalist Sandhya Menon tweeted, “I have offered to leave the house once in the Times of India’s Resident Editor in Hyderabad, in the current year, this is the year 2008 when the newspaper in Bengaluru A version of that was for the launch and for me the city was new. ”

Supreme Court lawyer Indira Jaysingh has praised women’s assertions and tweeted, “I salute the women of the media who have been vocal about the experiences of sexually assaulting her. There are women who are fighting with such matters. You all are my support. ”

Similarly, a long time ago, many women accused Anurag Verma, who worked in the Huffington Post, to send objectionable messages. Women wrote that Anurag used to send such messages to Snapchat. In its cleanliness, Anurag tweeted apologizing that he had sent all those messages in funny tone. Anurag has written that he did not fear that someone would hurt his feelings. He also admitted that he had sent some women the message to send their nude photographs.

In this regard, Huffington Post has issued a statement on its behalf. It has been said in this statement that many women have accused of sexual abuse on their two former employees Anurag Verma and Utsav Chakraborty.

The website writes, “We do not justify such acts in any way. Chakraborty had left the Huffington Post three years ago, while Anurag Varma left the Huffington Post in October 2017. Unless these two were working with us, we did not know anything about the allegations put on them. We are ascertaining whether there were any such allegations even though working here. ”

#MeToo or ‘I too’ is a big campaign against sexual harassment and sexual assault. On social media, people who are victims of sexual attacks (especially on the workplace) with this hashtag make a statement. This campaign motivates people to raise their voices against those who speak and talk about sexual harassment and harassment by persecuting them.

Last year, when Hollywood director Harvey Weinstein was accused of sexual abuse, the campaign was overwhelmed all over the world, and so far people from ordinary people have joined it.

With the #MeToo hashtag on social media in October 2017, people started sharing stories of sexual harassment or sexual assault on social media with social media. According to ‘The Guardian’, an American social activist named Tarana Burke had started using the term “me toe” many years ago in 2006. But this term became popular in 2017 when American actress Alisa Milano used it on Twitter.

Milano asked people of sexual harassment to tweet about the events that happened with them so that people could understand how big a problem it was. Their attempt was successful, and many people shared their social media with the use of #MeToo hashtags. As a hashtag, #MeToo has since been used extensively in the whole world. Although in some places people used some hashtags to show such experiences, but they remained confined at the local level.

For example, in France, people started the campaign called #balancetonporc so that women could embarrass themselves on sexual assault. In the same way some people used a hashtag named #Womenwhoroar but it could not be popular. But #MeToo has not only become popular on social media but it has now become a popular campaign against sexual harassment, leaving it out of the virtual world.

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