The city that is in love with strangers

There are few selected cities in the world, which are called Eternal City. Our city of Kashi or Banaras is such a city. Similarly, Rome and Athens cities of Europe also get Eternal City status. Sanatan City is the city which has been inhabited for thousands of years.

In Greece or Greece, Greece, there is evidence of human living in Thousands of years ago. Talking about historical cities, Athens has no peace. History is hiding in every ruin of its ruins. It is not just Greece but of all Europe and of humanity. There are tens of thousands of tales associated with every street in Athens.

Athens is called the center of European civilization. Western countries are called the capital of civilization. Athens gave the philosophical world, democracy, and the art of drama art also. Buildings and ruins of Athens are considered to be the foundation of western civilization and culture.

The ruins of Athens are inhabited only by the very old traditions of Greece. In Greek, it is called phosphoenia. It means love with strangers Although the locals consider it a warmth for the foreigners. As you reach Athens, you will realize the warmth and intimacy of the ghost. Athens hands out and welcomes and welcomes everyone who travels with open heart.

Julian Williams, who comes from London and settled in Athens, says that Athens is a very friendly city. Approximately 4.5 million people come from all over the world to observe the glorious history of Athens But Athens has added modernity pages in its glorious history.

Christian Manica, who lives in Athens, says that the people of the outskirts or the same people, all of them find this city very sweet. Whenever you walk through its streets, the cafes and bars here will be seen inhabited by people. Crisi enjoys walking around Athens’s City Center Pla├ža. Crisi says that with the crowd of tourists you feel that holidays are going on and you have gone on a picnic.

Greece’s weather is also very hostile for the tourists. The sun gets feeding at least 250 days a year. American Sailani Meena Agnos says that the weather here is very clean from April to October. Because of this, you can go on the jaziras near Athens.

Meena recommends going to Hydra Island, about 35 nautical miles away. It’s pretty cool. There is a ban on carrying cars here. So it is easy for you to walk or walk around the bicycle. Many tourists also ride on donkeys and mules here. The island is also calm and is also famous for relaxing. There is less crowd in the cafe on the island. Hydra Island has been quite popular among celebrities around the world.

Meena says that hills and wild areas are not too far from Athens. If someone is predicted by the noise of the city, then it can approach the quiet hill and wild areas. Mount Hymnets is just 5-6 kilometers away from Athens. Here you can go for biking.

Meena Agnos says that if you live in an old city like Athens, you get married to history. Every street, at every crossroads, you enjoy watching a piece of history. Famous ruins of the city such as Acropolis or Temple of Zeus are well known throughout the world.

Apart from these, many new areas have also been inhabited in Athens. Such as the Kawkaki settlement has been recognized as the world’s newest new settlement status. A museum of modern art has also been opened in Athens recently. Some people also advise to visit the area called azarkia. This terrain is historic and also witnessed the recent political upheaval of Greece.

People coming from outside keep on walking around the historical bases and museums. However, there are many interesting secrets hidden in the streets of Athens. Catholien Aulp, who lives in Athens, comes from London and says that Athens has many gardens too. Many of these places are made from very fine wines.

In Greece, there has been a lot of political and economic ups and downs in the past. The worst impact of the recession in the last decade was seen here. Therefore, unemployment has spread widely in the country these days. People are not getting enough money in exchange for their work. Altogether, the people of Greece are unhappy with their current system. But, the good thing is that Athens is a very cheap city. You will spend just about half of the money here in London.

If you do not even have a Greek tongue, you will get the job done while roaming here. Many Greeks speak good English But, if there is warmth, try hand in handling a few Greek sounds. People are very happy to hear their language from foreigners’ mouths. Then they may tell you some of the secrets of the city that only the locals know. Foreign tourists going to Athens are the happiest in the world.

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