The story of pilots fleeing from Pakistani jails

“Red One, You’re On Fire” … heard the voice of his fellow pilot Fardi in the Headfone of Squadron Leader Dhirendra Jaffa. The second pilot Mohan also shouted, “Bell out red one bail out”. The third pilot Jaggu Saklani’s voice was as sharp as “Jeff Sir … you are …. on fire …. get out …. for God.Sec …. Bell Out ..” Fire flames in Jaffa’s Sukhoi aircraft were reaching their cockpit. The aircraft was getting out of control. He pressed the button of seat ejection, which promptly thrown him in the air and he started falling down through a parachute.

Jaffa explains that as soon as he fell down, Narwar-e-Tabbir and Allah ho Akbar’s slogans, the crowd of villagers rushed towards them. People started tearing their clothes after seeing them. Someone cleared their hands on their watch, then someone swooped on their cigarette lighter.

In seconds, their gloves, shoes, 200 Pakistani rupees and mufflers also disappeared. Only then Jaffa saw that some Pakistani soldiers were trying to save him from the crowd. A long wide military officer asked him, “Do you have any weapons?”
“It seems the spinal cord has gone. I can not shake any part of my body,” Jaffa responded groaning. The officer gave some orders in Pashto, and Jafa was picked up by two soldiers in a tent. The Pakistani officer told his subordinates, “Give them tea.” Jaffa did not have the strength in hand so that she could hold the tea mug in her own hands. A Pakistani soldier started drinking tea with a spoon from his hands. Jaffa’s eyes became humble with gratitude.

Plaster was put in Jaffa’s waist and he was locked in a prison cell. Everyday he would have answered questions. When he had to go to the restroom, a pillow was put on his face so that he could not see it around. One day he was taken to another room in the same building.

As soon as he approached the room, he started listening to people’s voices. As soon as he got inside, all the voices stopped. Suddenly, a voice groan, “Jeff Sir!” … and Flight Lieutenant Dilip Purkan grow fast to embrace them.

They did not see that the plaster was locked within Jaffa’s loose jacket. There were ten more Indian war ceasefire pilots there. After so many days, Jafa’s eyes were flooded with tears after seeing Indian face. At that time, the In-charge Squadron Leader Usman Hanif, entered the room beating the prisoner. Behind them, they had two orderly cakes and tea for everyone. Usman said, I thought I would give you a Christmas greetings.

That evening was a memorable evening. Among the laughter jokes, the most senior Indian officer Wing Commander Buni Koelho said that we will keep two minutes silent for our comrades who killed and after that we will sing every nation song. Jaffa explains that on December 25, 1971, in Pakistan’s prison when India’s national anthem was hoarse, his chest became very wide.

Meanwhile, India’s policy planning committee chairman DP Dhar came back to Pakistan, but the fate of these prisoners was not decided. They began to feel frustrated at home. The most despair was in the heart of Flight Lieutenant Dilip Parmar and Malvinder Singh Garewal. Prior to the 1971 war, Parulkar had told his associates that if his plane is dropped and he is caught, he will not sit in jail. They will try to escape from there. And that’s what he did. In his plan to run out, he had his companions- Flight Lieutenant Garewal and Harish Singhji.

Green reading suit
It was decided that in the wall of cell number 5, a 21-by-15-inch hole should be opened, which will open in the premises of the Pakistani Air Force’s Employment Office and after that it will move a 6-foot wall and move on Mal Road. This meant that about 56 intents were taken out of its plaster to loosen and to hide the debris from it. Kuruvilla stole an electric screw driver. Garewal arranged a cutting tool for holes in the Cocoa Cola bottle.

At night, Dilip Parmar and Garewal start rubbing the plaster after ten o’clock and Harry and Chati monitor that there is no watchman. Meanwhile the volume of the transistor was increased, the volume of the transistor was increased.

According to the terms of the Geneva agreement, the Indian prisoners used to earn fifty rupees equivalent to the equivalent of fifty francs in the form of salaries every month, so that they buy things they need and save some money. In the meantime, Parulkar learned that a Pakistani guard Aurangzeb also works for tailor-made work.

They told him that we do not get Pathan Suits in India. Can you make a suit for us? Aurangzeb sits green color suit for Parulkar. Kamat magnetized the needle with the help of wire and battery and created a makeshift compass that looked like a fountain pen in view.

On August 14, Pakistan was Independence Day. Parwar guessed that the guards would be in the mood for the day and would be less alert. On the night of August 12, they heard the noise of lightning, and at the same time the last layer of plaster was also going. Three people came out from a small hole and started waiting near the wall. Dusty storms began to fall on their faces. A watchman was sitting near the cabin, but when he looked carefully towards him, he found that he had a blanket on his head to avoid dust.

Prisoners looked towards the road from the outer wall. They had seen a bumpy ride on the road. At the same time the night’s show was over. Then only the rain started with the storm. The watchman raised the blanket over his face and rode towards the verandah of the Air Force office of the Air Force including the cottage.

As soon as he put blankets on his head again, the three prisoners jumped the outer wall of the prison. Walking fast, he turned left on the freight road and was seen in a crowd of people returning to see the cinema. After flying a little bit, Flight Lieutenant Harish Singh ji suddenly realized that he had come out of the most secure prison in Pakistan … he shouted loudly. “Freedom!”

(image credit: Outlook India)

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