What is the reason behind rich are getting rich day by day?

Money pulls money. These proverbs have been listening to us all these years. By referring to this proverb, we see all the rich being rich. It is heard that the gap between the rich and the poor is increasing. But have you ever thought that why are you getting rich and rich?

In fact, they use their money like this, invest in such a place, which increases the value of their money, returns the investment. We can also fulfill your dream of becoming rich by learning these tips from the rich. When we have a little more money, then we spend some of them doing it for ourselves. Or put them in a mutual fund.

Now tell you what the rich people do. Those people put their money in the property to buy property, any artwork, a business, or start a new job. Take Joshua Coleman of Chicago, for example. When his family sold ancestral business, he got 40 million dollars. With this money, he does not get into ashes. Joshua started a company that connects people with tax, legal and money management experts.

Today his new business is going on in the fun. Now if you are not thinking of starting a new business with your money, then that does not mean you are not ultra rich. Those who have at least three million dollars (about $ 1.9 billion) worth of property, they are called ultra rich. Those people take the risk of investing in different types of stocks.

They buy a plane and hire them to rent. They buy artwork or cars, whose price may increase in the near future. Joshua Coleman calls it ‘alpha risk’ or very big risk in English. There are many risks in such an investment. But without any risk you can not do any business. To make progress, such risks are necessary, the rich people take. In this way they become rich. You do not have enough money to invest millions of dollars, but you can learn this recipe from the rich. Secondly, the rich people do some such investments, which the common people do not even know. For example close-ended fund. Investment in these funds is for five years.

But by making money in it, rich people earn a lot of returns. Likewise, many people are hiring airlines to hire airplanes. Ian Marsh of Fleming Family and Partners, a London based asset management company, says that many of his clients are associated with Doric. This company rents large airlines by buying a plane. When the ships are sold, they will get an investment return. Till then, they are earning returns on their investments up to 9 percent a year. The initial investment starts with ten thousand euros. Similarly, buying land for very rich people is also a trend. Britain or Hindustan, the rich who have more money, they invest in the property.

Especially cultivated land As the population is increasing in the world, the demand for cultivable land is also increasing. Its price also has to be increasing day by day, because the number of land is very limited. That’s why rich people are still looking forward to buying farmland land. It gives a return of up to four percent per year.

At the same time, the price of land also increases year after year. Similarly, many people earn good profits by investing in a wine business or in a start up company. There are also some companies that purchase land for farming. You can invest in their stock. Rich people invest their companies as well as invest in fast growing companies in other sectors.

For instance, Joshua of Chicago has invested in so many companies that they do not know its number. Together with private equity firm and some other investors, they often buy a stake in a fast growing company. Now people who have invested in the early stages of Google, Infosys, Apple or Reliance, they will have a profitable profit today. Today many big businessmen are putting their personal earnings in start-up companies. For instance, Ratan Tata has invested in many start-up companies. However there is considerable risk in this. More than half start-up companies fail. But some people also enjoy it. You can see the company grow faster. But it can get returns up to 20 times more than usual investment. Hobby is a big thing.

Someone is interested in clocks, some of the old cars, somebody’s alcohol and anyone else’s art. These hobbies can also increase your wealth. Rich people also buy expensive artwork and carts for hobbies. Because their prices go up further, they can earn huge profits by selling them. If there is a right bet in such investment, then profit of 15 to 20 percent can be achieved. If you do not have enough money to invest directly, many funds also do this work.

As in the United States, there is a Wine Investment Fund, which invests in the expensive wine business. You can buy its shares. Similarly, many companies invest in artwork. You can buy a stake in them. Many nobles prefer to invest in property. Many people buy business properties, some people invest in houses and flats.

In cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Dubai, New York and London, investment in property is just for the benefit. Many businessmen also stop coming and going in these houses and flats. When the right price is getting, then they even sell them. Now the common man can not buy a house in the posh area of ​​New York or London.

But you can take a flat or a house in those areas of your city where your pocket can be bought. Then you can earn something by hiring it. It can also be sold at the right price. There are also many companies that invest in business houses or residential houses. These are called real estate investment trusts. You can put small amounts through these profitable businesses. You can become rich even by adopting these ways of investing in the rich, rich people of the rich.

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