What people take in lunch in different cities of the world?

To understand any culture in the world, see how the people of the city do lunch, when they do, where they do and what the lunches do. We also knows the people living in some cities of the world how they do lunch and what they do. Let’s face you with this interesting experience.

Mukul Parekh, a resident of Mumbai, is an office manager in an accounting company. Mukul says that the time for the lunch is going down day by day. For this, they consider the burden of work and often the jam in the office. Mukul does lunch every day in his office. In it, they spent about half an hour.

Typically Mukul brings his lunch from home. But sometimes they also take the services of Mumbai’s famous dabblers. They bring lunch from their homes to their offices. This service has been running for nearly a century. Dabbevars of Mumbai are famous all over the world that thousands of lunch boxes are distributed daily to their offices by people without making a mistake. The possibility of error of 100 coaches remains to be done with 3.4 cartons.The lunch coding system of father-to-generation children is transferred from father to son. That is, this business of precision work is going on in the heritage of the Secret.

Like India, the fast rate of lunch in African countries Uganda is very fast. Even people living in a fast-paced life find difficult times for lunch. Sarah Gimono, who works in Uganda’s Embalay city, is associated with an NGO. She says that people want to work at lunch as soon as possible so that they can do more and more work. Although no lunch is skipped. Sara explains that people in Uganda do not give dinner much importance. All day spent half an hour on lunch. He often goes to the restaurant near his office for this.

Sara says that even in Uganda, people like India, they manage their own lunch in the office. Some people go to hotel-restaurants with their colleagues after lunch. Sara says that street food also has good trend in Uganda. They often eat Rolex during field work. Rolex is a chapati in which the eggs, tomato and onion pieces are rolled and rolled.

Vanessa, who lives in New York, is forty years old, she is a professional dog walker. That is to walk the dogs of big people. She says that in New York people often spend the whole time in the luncheon to buy lunch or salad for lunch. Vanessa often packs the snack bar from home to avoid the waste of time. By eating them, they also give energy to themselves and save time too.

Vanessa says that it is easy for me to have a heavy breakfast in the morning. Then packing the snack bar and carrying it out is convenient. She says that there is no sleep in the day due to light food. Although they consider fast food food harmful.

In America, people take smaller lunch breaks compared to other countries. According to the 2016 survey, 51 percent of the American people spend about 15 to 30 minutes in lunch. Only 3 percent of people spend 45 minutes or more at lunch time. At the same time, 43 percent of people in France spend more than 45 minutes in lunch time.

The rules for giving an hour to lunch for every employee in the Philippines. Phath Raagas, a resident of Makati City, here is very much like the food of the trains running in his city. These are called jolly jeeps. They are sold by eating nuts.

In order to make street food acceptable and clean, the government started running jolly jeeps. Faith Ragas takes a lunch from a car that takes a short distance from his office. Homemade dishes are sold in these plastic bags.

In France, the luncheon culture is very great. People here spend too much money on lunch and at the same time. Here, 43 percent of the people spend 45 minutes a day doing lunch. About 72 percent of people definitely do lunch in the restaurant once a week. Françoán Paylan is the Product Designer in Paris. They usually ask for lunch from the supermarket located near the office.

Lunch is done in the kitchen with the help of his colleagues. One day in the week, they go out and eat in a restaurant. During lunch he talks to the peers. These conversations are on all issues. François Palen says that during the lunch talks, others get to know the opinions. Wine drinks in France during lunch too. On Friday, more people drink wine in a lunch. France consumes 11.3 percent of the world’s total consumption of wine. On Friday, people go out too much for lunch.

In Egypt, people generally have a heavy breakfast. So lunch often happens from 3 to 4 o’clock. Most people pack lunch in the house and eat in the office. Tamar Kasabis, who works in Cairo, the biggest mall in the city of Ciutatre, says that he does not like to eat junk food, so he brings food from home.

Tamar explains that in Karachi, many companies give a chance to lunch between 1 to 2 pm. But during this time people do not do lunch and spend time drinking coffee and tea. For lunch, people take half an hour between 3 and 4 o’clock. Tamar explains that there are many such companies, such as Yumamiya, who also carry a clean, healthy lunch office. Some people also take care of them.

Usually, work hours in Brazil are high. People work from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Therefore, they take one hour break in the name of lunch from work. During this time people prefer to get out of the office. That’s why many companies also give food coupons to the employees so that they can arrange for a cheap price.

Eliza Rinaldi, who works in the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil, is the content director in a media company. Both he and his companion Natasha pack their lunch after lunch, both of them bring to the office. In lunch time, they prepare and eat it. Elijah says that it is healthy to bring food from home. He does not think of eating out food properly for health. His companion, Natasha, also holds account of this. Elijah says on the trend of going out at lunch time, if you go out everyday, then people believe that you do less work. So they refrain from going out.

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