What’s more important for job abroad than language?

English is the international language. These words work together to bring the whole world together. For those who want to work overseas, it is very important for them to learn English.

Multinational companies have played the most important role in promoting English. Even in countries where English is not spoken, people are also learning it. Especially in the young generation, the hobby of speaking English is to the extent of craving. A country like India, where more or less each state has its own language, even people are saying well in English. Rather, those who do not speak English are considered to be less.

Twenty-first-century generations are more easily mixed with people of any country compared to previous generations due to the English language. According to the British Council, by the year 2020, one fourth of the world’s population will be able to use English extensively. There was a time when people used to go abroad and thought to work. People thought that it is good luck to get employment for the family in their own country.

But the thinking of today’s generation is different. She is ready to go and work in the world. This is not just about making money. Rather, today’s generation wants to get mixed with more and more people. Wants to understand the world According to the Global Shepherds Annual Survey conducted in 2017, about 81 percent of people aged 18 to 35 years want to work in another country. The survey was done by the World Economic Forum and it was done in 180 countries.

IT Consultant Mr. Kesankunty is currently working in Dubai. He has worked in Singapore, Stockholm and Brussels. According to them, if anybody wants to stay abroad for a long time, then it is important for them to move around in the localities, increase the ties with local people. Participate in cultural events there.

Foreign workers living in that country can also help in this work. David Livermore, author of ‘Leading with Cultural Intelligence the New Secret to Success’, researched the Cultural Intelligence in 30 countries for nearly ten years. Which he named (CQ). According to them, learning the local language is of their own importance. But more importantly, to coordinate with the environment there. Livermore says that some countries can work without learning the local language.

However, there are some places where work can not be done without knowing language and culture. It may be that in many places you get the customs that are similar to the culture of your country. There are many countries in the world where food, drink, and speaking are completely different. English is also not spoken extensively there.

For example, if a citizen of India lives in Bangladesh or Pakistan, then he will not be so distressed. Because the culture and language of these countries is not very different from India. But if you have to stay in Russia or any African country then it can be difficult.

Similarly, Japan is a country which is called as the stronghold of immigrants. But immigrants who come here feel a huge cultural shock. The people here are quiet moods, punctual, hardworking and courteous. Here are more work hours too. It’s not just about everyone’s molding in the environment here. To work in Japan, it is more important to learn Japanese than learning here. If not, then the people here will never give foreign citizens their place.

American Ru Miamoto, living in Japan for a long time, has kept its name Japanese. According to those people who do not match the lives of the people of Japan, they call it ‘Gejin’ or ‘outside resident’. But Ru has adopted Japan’s lifestyle to such an extent that nobody calls him jelly.

Keeping Japanese names helped them to make business relationships. With learning Japanese, they learned to make customs and dish here. Miyamoto himself has absorbed the Japanese Tahsib to such an extent that his American identity has become dull.

In West Europe, there are many countries where English is well spoken. Immigrants who speak English here do not need much to learn a local language. But Carolyn Werner, who teaches the cultural and local languages ​​in Sweden, says that people make a big mistake by mistake in not learning local customs. He teaches people how to eat and drink in the course of their course. For example, talking about religion, politics and earnings in Sweden is not considered good.

People who are not convinced of these things sit in error. Carolyn suggests that you must learn at least one local language wherever you go. It is not easy to work in foreign countries, adjusting the language and culture there. Some people have to leave their country and make foreigner their own.

Despite learning the language and culture of where we live, we are not able to become residents of that country. Many things in the place where we are born become indispensable in our behavior. So, wherever we live, we can learn the whole way of life. Yet there is definitely some lack of space that allows us to be a citizen of our country of origin. Still, learning the language in the place where people start living becomes as important as learning that language there.

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