Which country does the most work in the office?

Often you hear people complain that ‘The work is too much’ ‘Have to wait long in the office’ ‘Man, time to go to my office is a fix, but not to return’.

From these things, it seems that the office’s time is endless. The work does not take much name to finish. This is because it is difficult in India because there is no official restriction on the maximum hours of work here. Different companies have different rules. It works 60 hours a week, 40-45 hours a day. We often realize the burden of our work when we compare it with others. So, to get an idea of ​​the situation in India, you have to understand the situation of South Korea.

South Korea is not like India. She is a developed country. But recently the government has made a law. According to this law, maximum hours of work have been fixed there. They have been reduced from 68 to 52 hours. The objective of the government is to reduce the working hours to improve the quality of the work of the people and increase their productivity. It is also expected that this law will speed up the progress of South Korea’s population. Because today people are so involved in work that the child’s birth has decreased.

When the South Korean parliament passed this law in March, the government wanted to give more time to relax and break their people. South Korea has the highest working hours in developed countries. According to the European Organization Organization of Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), survey of 38 countries found South Korea topped for work hours.

These laws, which reduce work hours, have to be implemented in South Korea from July this year. Business world is opposing this government’s move. Initially, these laws would apply to large companies. But, in the future, smaller and middle companies will also be in the reckoning.

The Government of South Korea believes that this will not only increase the productivity of the workers, but also create new employment opportunities. Living life will be better. And there will also be an increase in the speed of childbirth. In the last few years, the rate of increase in the population of South Korea has remained more or less the same. People are not working to get married to the marriages. Statistics of 2016 show that on average, every worker in South Korea has to work 2069 hours a year. More than that, only 2225 hours in Mexico and 2212 hours in Costa Rica.

According to the International Labor Organization (ILO), generally the working hours in low-growth and average-income countries are generally higher. There are many reasons for this. Just like people do more work to polish their business. People get less wages, they work more to earn more. People are afraid of jobs in the mind. Therefore, people also work for a long time. The cultural beliefs of many countries are such, which create an environment of greater work.

In the case of more work, South Korea is not the only developed country. This is also the case with neighboring Japan. Here, a word has also been coined for death by the office’s pressure, ‘Caroshi’. This means, know the stress of the office. These incidents of knowing can be caused by too much pressure or self-destruction.

Every employee in Japan has to work on average 1713 hours a year. And trouble is that there is no law to cap on working hours. In the financial year 2015-16, 1456 incidents of working experience in Japan were recorded. Although the employee organizations claim that this figure is very low. Because, most of the cases of death from the office tension are not recorded.

According to the International Labor Organization, people do the most work in the Asia-continent. Working hours are not fixed in 32 countries here. 29 percent countries have to work 60 hours or more in the week. There are only 4 such cases in Asian countries, which work for 48 hours or less according to the standards of International Labor Organization.

Working hours are not fixed in the 34 countries of the continent and the Caribbean region. These include America as well. At the same time, in the Middle East, daily working hours are between 8 and 10, which sit 60 hours or more per week. The condition of the European continent is better. Where working hours are fixed in every country. Only in Turkey and Belgium it is more than 48 hours.

At the same time in the African continent, it seems that people have the passion to work. As in Tanzania, more than 60 percent of the population works more than 48 hours a week. The Swiss Bank UBS report surveyed 71 countries of the world in 2016. It found that the people in Hong Kong work most of the time, that is 50.1 hours a week. After this, 43.7 in Mumbai, 43.5 in Mexico City, 42.6 in Delhi and 42.1 hours in Bangkok were found.

Mexican workers have to face a double blow. The people here have to do more work. Holidays also get very little. With a paycheck in Mexico, the holiday is termed less than 10 days. Similar is the case with Nigeria, Japan and China. At the same time, employees in Brazil receive 20 to 23 days of paid leave.

It may be that the situation in India is worse than that. Because our minimum hours of work are not fixed here. Nor is there a time limit for maximum hours. There is no rule of guarantee for employees’ pay. Nor are the companies here obliged to leave the minimum annual leave. So, South Korea is the example of a developed country. After collecting all the data, it may be possible to find out that India has a strong demand for such a law.

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